Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Blogger marcos gutierrez said...

Hi, I'm from Mexico and I love your drawings ... you are very talented and quite an inspiration for my :) ... I hope you never stop drawing!!!

11:43 AM  
Blogger marcos gutierrez said...

Hi, I'm from Mexico and I love your drawings ... you are very talented and quite an inspiration for my :) ... I hope you never stop drawing!

11:43 AM  
Blogger meredith said...

Hi! I love your drawings. I'm framing some prints I had made straight off your blog -- can I make a donation in thanks?

8:35 AM  
Blogger Rusty Shakleford said...

(What I assume if a sewer creature) "Yeah, I wouldn't come down here if I were you, it's... a sewer. Gross."

12:54 AM  
Blogger Krinn said...

Monster: "Come boy, do my bidding..."
Boy: ", you just came out of a sewer.."

10:43 AM  
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Blogger Bingung Jeneng said...

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